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Child Rearing Advice

So if your young kids ask why you bury their dead pets and relatives just tell them, “Why, little Timmy/Tammy, I’m planting them in order to grow you a new one.”


Stay With Us

New rules for visiting family and friends: Bring your own bedding, buss your own tables, and we no longer accept personal checks. Oh, and if the guest room is cluttered with boxes of stuff and unfolded laundry that’s your problem.

Another random thought…

Named after a Roman goddess and associated with femininity, why does Venus rhyme with penis?

Word To The Wise?

I’ve never before contemplated this rhetorical device but think about it. Shouldn’t the wise already see any danger. Shouldn’t it actually be a word to the stupid? Unless, of course, the intent is to leave the stupid in the dark, hoping they are removed from the playing field, and maybe just try to save the borderline wise. Would Margaret Sanger and Adolf Hitler find my nod to eugenics something to cheer about? Regardless, I hope this argument puts me on the side of the wise.